Digital Flyover of the Course
If you would like to see a "Digital Flyover", then please Click Here.Seahouses golf course in nestled on the beautiful North Northumberland coastline

We have a mix of holes, with one Par 5, eleven Par 4's and six Par 3's (two of which are renowned throughout Northumberland).

We have 13 links holes and 5 parkland, giving an enjoyable and eclectic mix for both members and visitors.All year round, we play from grass tees to our full greens, (no temporaries here) and even through the inclement weather we have all experienced, many of our holes have remained open and playable.Should you wish to book a round at our splendid course please click below.Visitor Booking

The Course

HOLE 1 - Par 3: 155 yds - Tough raised green to hit, with a slope at the front and deep bunkers protecting left and right.

HOLE 2 - Par 5: 470 yds - This shorter Par 5 has bunkers to catch the longer drive, and a small bank to capture the short drive. Out of bounds awaits a long wayward approach.

HOLE 3 - Par 3: 186 yds - Long Par 3 with bunker front left, burn to the rear and a mound front right of the green

HOLE 4 - Par 4: 383 yds - Trouble left of the tee, woth two ponds and a burn awaiting wayward tee and approach shots.

HOLE 5 - Par 4: 429 yds - Long Par 4 with OOB all the way down the right. Pomd on the left catch longer drives. A further pond down the right for poor approach shots.

HOLE 6 - Par 3: 166 yds - Shorter Par 3 with water to the left and rear of the green. Average sizes mound front right.

HOLE 7 - Par 4: 372 yds - Like the 4th, this Par 4 shares the same hazards. Water on the left. There is a mound on the right of the fairway around 190 yds from the green.

HOLE 8 - Par 4: 328 yds - A very short par 4 BUT!! OOB all down the left, copse on the right, and bunkers sitting in the fairway and by the green

HOLE 9 - Par 4: 383 yds - This par 4 has OOB down the left and a deep fairway bunker at driving distance. Bunkers also short of and around the green

HOLE 10 - Par 3: 165 yds - Water all the way (OOB) between the tee and green. Green slopes back to front. Hit the water, you MUST reload

HOLE 11 - Par 4: 376 yds - Straight forward Par 4 with two bunkers at the front left and right of the green. An over aggressive approach could land in the North Sea.

HOLE 12 - Par 4: 422 yds - Long Par 4 with bunkers front and right protecting the green

​HOLE 13 - Par 4: 290 yds - Short Par 3 with OOB all the way from the tee to green. Three bunkers protect the green and an over aggressive or thinned approach could end in the North sea

HOLE 14 - Par 3: 212 yds - Long par 3 with OOB down the left. No other real problems apart from a mound on the right and a grassy bunker front left

HOLE 15 - Par 3: 124 yds - A fantastic Par 3 with the North Sea between the tee and Green

HOLE 16 - Par 4: 322 yds - A Par 4 with big trouble down the left. The green sits down a steep bank at the end of the fairway

HOLE 17 - Par 4: 424 yds - Long Par 4 with OOB all the way down the left. Get a 4 here and you will be very pleased

HOLE 18 - Par 4: 371 yds - A good par 4 to finnish. OOb down the left and bukners on the far right of the fairway and also close to the green. Well protected, better long then short