Digital Flyover of the Course
If you would like to see a "Digital Flyover", then please Click Here.Seahouses golf course in nestled on the beautiful North Northumberland coastline

We have a mix of holes, with one Par 5, eleven Par 4's and six Par 3's (two of which are renowned throughout Northumberland).

We have 13 links holes and 5 parkland, giving an enjoyable and eclectic mix for both members and visitors.All year round, we play from grass tees to our full greens, (no temporaries here) and even through the inclement weather we have all experienced, many of our holes have remained open and playable.Should you wish to book a round at our splendid course please click below.Visitor Booking

Seahouses Golf Club was founded in 1913 and it was the brainchild of the then bank manager, a Mr Lew Ross.` He was, at the time, a member of Bamburgh Castle Golf Club and he arranged a meeting with several prominent like minded gentlemen in the village as to the possibility of building a golf course in Seahouses. An area of ground at the south side of the village appeared to be the best option, and as our research found out one of the reasons being it already had several natural bunkers.

A chairman, committee and joint secretaries were appointed to ask the Alnmouth professional to go over the ground at their disposal. The gentleman who was responsible for the layout of the original nine hole course was called Gearge Rochester, greenkeeper at Alnmouth from 1890 to 1923. We still have six of his greens in use today.

As we sit contented in the Stuart Ettles lounge it's always nice to note the contribution he made to the club, greatly helping the construction activities. It is reputed that his home had to be held as collateral to afford the building process. Stuart was the club chairman from 1975 to 1986.